Wine, stone and traditional food

Wine, stone, traditional food is a trip that can be carried without notice, reservations at wineries and luxury restaurants.

The trip is based on a free tour of the small family wineries that are still open because they are part of the family house and always will be one of the residents find that we offer a glass of wine and other products.

Also during the tour of the winery is not strictly defined, and we have booked a restaurant we go to old rustic tavern in which you will always find local products from dried meat like bacon, ham, cheese with an aperitif wine.

Even though we are not exactly specific time here short details:

The tour starts around 0900 or by appointment from your hotel or accommodation.
about 1000 we are in Ston, the town of stone walls and salt.

Here We will stay how we want, about an hour.

After we head on a tour of the winery and in a rural house on the ham, cheese and  take a little  break with coffee and dessert, usually the oldest and most famous Dubrovnik dessert rozata ..
After we go to visit you again winery on the way back to your accommodation.

Trip is recommended for researchers, group of  friends or for people who are on vacation and want to meet other people and their customs, discover new places, to admire the old architecture and traditional way of life by the sea, stone wine and salt.
The trip is a full day  with your driver at the same time guides  guides, hosts and friends.

The price is 60 Euro based for grop of 6 persons for larger groups of 55 euros and absolutely everything you can get, and probate is included in the price.